Triple Modular Redundancy

The plane starts to shake, and I start fearing the worst. I ask: would it really be the worst for something to happen against my will but for my benefit?

Triple Modular Redundancy: three processors doing the same computations on an airplane, so that if one fails, the other two would still be correct. Too many ways to keep me from dying today.

The plane shakes again. I panic. If I was about to die, I would want to know if I should rejoice or weep. But how did I live a single day before without being sure of this very basic question?

I reach my destination. I drink myself to pass the evening and sleep. I wake up at 4AM, almost as a punishment. I feel too much headache to go back to sleep. The sun rises, I drink coffee and pain killers.

It’s too much, it is just inefficient to have three processors doing the same job. Three processors were way too much for that flight. Why should one life be valued three times? Why should my life be valued at all?

The next time my plane starts to shake, I will close my eyes and hope for the best.