I return to you guilty and degraded, and I feel like an apology is due.

I have left you by choice, with a sense of superiority, and I return with my head hiding between my shoulders in an aura of shame.

My excuses are weak, and I ask humbly; I do not demand.

I beg you not to turn away your ungrateful child, even though you have the power and every right to do so.
You have accepted me when I wanted nothing but to leave you, please accept me when I want nothing but to pay you back.
Let this stranded soul find its place again.

I was once a nurtured tree, my top reaching the clouds, and my roots grounded firmly, and I have fallen trying to find a better place. I became an example of greed to you, and of wretchedness to the other gardens.

What have I learned in my little journey?
That the enormous universe feels so lonely without a place that accepts you unconditionally, where you belong as a fact.

The options are infinite, and I choose the sun that has always felt so hot, the air that has always felt so dry, and my little place there where my dry burnt skin belongs.


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