Towards the molten center of the earth

People have warned me of falling into pits.
Because falling requires only lack of care and lack of attention, and then gravity will push you towards the molten center of the earth.
But rising and climbing the mountains is a conscious and constant effort to ascend level after level.

Although they have warned me, I was careless and I was inattentive.
I have fallen into a pit and I do not see its bottom. No care and attention can save me now. And as my speed increases, I wonder how much more violent my final collision will be.

I hear the voices of the few loved ones calling me from the top, but it becomes harder to hear them with every second.
I wonder if they have given up on calling for me, or if I am too far down to hear them.

I am sorry. I do not know to whom I apologize, and I do not know why, but this, all of this, is truly unfortunate.

I remember my childhood, and I imagine that I was a child when I started falling.
Maybe my apology is to that child that loved life and aspired to climb the highest of mountains.
I am sorry. I have disappointed you.


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