I walk now while looking at the ground, exactly like I used to do a few years ago. Other walkers are nothing more than physical objects that I should not collide with.

I began returning to the point on this circle where I originally started. One could say that anything that happened between now and then is of no value, since I am exactly where I started.

I free myself from failure by not trying, and from deprivation by not desiring.

A lesser form of freedom that is sought only to save what remains of one’s pride.

Freedom through reduction. The senses are reduced to perceiving only the absolute necessities, and the mind is reduced to being the machine that decides based on what the senses perceive.

This is freedom. I did not choose to be deprived, but I can choose to not desire what I was deprived of. It is freedom of toothaches by pulling them all out and becoming toothless.

I imagine this to be the closest one can get to being an animal or a plant. Both would offer no justification for their will to live except that they were hard-wired to avoid death.


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