Transition, to a future

Float away. Disappear. End your meaningless existence.

For an existence to be meaningful at least one human being must find it meaningful. But not even you yourself find any meaning to your life. The worse part is that you don’t even see the possibility of it having meaning one day.

Just exit silently. No need for a dramatic scene. No need to make the bad worse, and the pathetic heartbreaking. You’ve lost enormous pride and self-love throughout the years but it’s always been on the inside. Continue this tradition. Let your bitterness die unnoticed with you. Your dream of being someone who will be remembered for generations was not accomplished. But don’t let your death be an example for parents of how neglect, loneliness, and self-love can grow into something truly horrific.

View this as being part of some cycle. View this as the right decision in the worst of circumstances. Maybe you have been a terrible person in a past life, and this life has been the punishment. “At least the worst has already happened” is something you have repeated many times. Don’t you realize your life has a negative slope and every new moment of existence is a new worst (just by the very fact that more time has passed)?

Fighting me is the worst you can do. You know how honest I am being. Some things are better not contested. Have the courage to give up. Have the courage to submit. Have the courage to kneel in tears. Have the courage to exit silently instead of existing silently.


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