Unsent messages of a troubled lover (2)

My pain, my pleasure. My share of heaven, and my due of hell. You have given me the highest amount of hope and fear.

I long to be with you, and I long for you to be with me. I want to possess as much of your mind as your radiating soul possesses of mine.

I want history. I want to remember how we were just before I die, as a crowning achievement, a life’s highlight.

I want our eyes to meet not as strangers filled with only the weakest of guesses. I want to see our past through your eyes, to remember every moment I looked you in the eye as a lover. I want to see how your eyes look when the see someone they truly love. I want the blood to rush faster through your heart whenever you see me, your cheeks to blush, and your lips to smile. I want to see on your body the effects of your love for me.

I love the way you speak, I love to watch your lips and tongue moving in harmony to form the most appealing sounds. And although your radiance sucks in the gazes of every human being, I have loved your not-so-easily-visible bits. I love that muscle under your knee, on the back of your leg. I love the part where your neck meets your shoulders. I love the area between your eyes and your cheeks. I love the part of your jaws that forms a sharp angle connecting your chin to your cheeks.

Dear [X], your radiance emits life wherever it goes. I will seek you like a thirsty man seeks a mirage in the middle of the desert, not seeming to get closer or further away no matter how fast he runs. The hours of looking at you were very well rewarded with the seconds of eye-contact we’ve had. My mind is already exhausted trying to weigh the possibility of being with you and the likelihood of this being another torture inflicted by life upon me. But I promise you that I will gladly trade an eternity of fixing my eyes on you, my mouth towards your ears, and my body to your proximity, for one second of a look, a word, or a touch that you endow upon my existence.


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