As helpless as a human

I am one of them now. I am another human being. I have accepted my fate, and realized my limitations.
In a way, knowing that nothing I can do will change those comforts me. I am weak, but there is nothing I can do to be strong.
Doing the impossible, or even the difficult possible, is no longer in my list of goals. It will not change my fate or my limitation. It is a waste of a time I can spend laying down… doing nothing… being another human being. If nothing I can do will bring the kind of happiness I am looking for, then why bother doing more than I need to experience the most limited of joys?
I am not upset by those facts, not anymore. I have accepted what it takes to be a human. I have formed a preliminary vision of my remaining years, and it no longer disturbs me. The comfort of realizing there is nothing to be done will carry me through.